Why 10 Today?

There are numerous benefits to staying active by moving and stretching regularly. Fitting in just ten minutes of physical activity three times a week makes a positive difference to health and wellbeing. 10 Today can improve flexibility, strength and balance, crucially promoting independence. It also boosts energy levels and brightens mood and the more you do it, the better you feel.

But motivation, as we all know, can be a tricky thing……it’s essentially personal and often depends on many factors so it sometimes comes and goes or eludes us altogether!

Here’s what motivates some of our 10 Today participants:

“If I’m in the house and I feel a certain pain somewhere, I’ll do that specific stretch or bit of the exercise, and that really helps.”

Frances, 51

“I think after you’ve done two or three sessions, it does help your state of mind and wellbeing. On those days I’m definitely less likely to have a dip or a bad day.”

Brenda, 64

“It makes me feel livelier. I find I get on and do some things that I ought to be doing and I stop being lazy.”

Claire, 81

Do what you can, little and often

10 Today designer Terry Keen adopted a realistic `do what you can, little and often’ attitude to moving and stretching when he created the popular routines. With this effective approach to physical activity, 10 Today has gained many thousands of followers but there’s always room for more! Why not tune in to give it a try and find out what personal benefits it brings to you?