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10 Today has reached many thousands of older people and the numbers continue to soar alongside new ways to tune in and take part.

Key to its growing success is the opportunity to be active at home and feel connected – an ever more vital element during Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns.

10 Today is achievable, accessible and hugely beneficial to physical and mental health. It improves strength, balance and flexibility, crucially promoting independence and enhancing mood and energy levels – so we want even more people to experience the benefits!

Everyone who has helped to shape and promote 10 Today is part of its success so far and we’re keen to work with many more partners to extend its reach still further.

You can read our Impact Report here to learn how 10 Today began and progressed to make a positive difference.

We’ll shortly be adding to our catalogue of video and audio content and we’re keen to reach new audiences and explore new channels to promote and broadcast 10 Today.  We’d very much like your input to help us do it. If you’d like to be involved, please get in touch with the 10 Today team to talk to us about reaching the people and programmes that you support. Email:

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