About 10 Today

10 Today is a set of fun 10-minute, audio and video routines intended to easily fit into your day to help you get stretching and moving at home.

It has been designed by and for older people to keep you physically active, boost your wellbeing, and help maintain your mobility and balance.

Each routine provides engaging and easy to follow movements that are a great way of staying active within your own home. They can be done at any time, whether standing up or sitting down, and are adaptable to different fitness levels.

Most people can get active without medical advice. However, if you do have difficulty managing the symptoms of your condition, seeking medical advice before increasing your activity levels may be helpful. Often, further condition-related information can be found on charity websites.

Remember to check government advice if you think you have any symptoms linked to coronavirus.

10 Today is a Demos project

Making a positive difference

Demos is a research and education charity which champions people and ideas. 

We think about the impact of changes in our society and institutions to identify the opportunities and challenges they present.

We listen to people from all walks of life and bring them together to discuss problems and develop solutions. 

We use innovative methods to engage individuals, hear their stories and share their views. 

We recognise the value of lived experience to inform and influence public policy and contribute to positive change.

Improving the lives of older people

Our Active Ageing project, 10 Today, aims to improve the lives of older people and tackle the far-reaching problems of inactivity in later life for individuals, communities and public services.

  • It gives individuals the tools to be active in their lives.
  • It’s been designed by older people, for older people – and is led by them too.
  • It’s social, creating a community of participants, even at times when we’ve had to be apart.
  • We’re harnessing the power of technology for social impact.

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England’s largest not for profit provider of housing and care for older people.

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Bradford BCB 106.6FM

Bradford’s Community Radio station, broadcasting distinctive radio programmes, made by and for, the people of Bradford.

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Community & Hospital Broadcasting Network

Community and Hospital Radio in Truro and the surrounding areas, and the Royal Cornwall, West Cornwall and St Michael’s hospitals.

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Training provider, specialising in seated physical activity.

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Sport England and National Lottery

We’re proud to be funded and supported by the National Lottery and Sport England.

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