Aims of 10 Today

10 Today involves short ten minute routines to get you stretching and moving, and will be broadcast on the radio and online.

Our vision is a world where being physically active is part of daily life for older people.

At the moment, 42% of older people are physically inactive. You are more likely to be inactive the older you are. Yet physical activity protects against poor health and disease, improves mental health and maintains independence.

10 Today is a Demos project

Power and voice for individuals

Demos is a cross-party think tank working to bring Britain back together in an age of fast and accelerating change. We are working to deliver what we believe a cohesive democracy needs:

  • Power and voice for individuals
  • Connected and cohesive communities
  • Shared prosperity and meaningful work

Understanding, debating and influencing

We specialise in understanding, debating and influencing the big trends that shift the landscape of public policy – especially the impact of technology on our society, democracy and economy.

We are a research and education charity. We work towards our goals by:

  • Researching problems
  • Involving citizens in deliberation to understand the values and motivations they apply to complex and difficult problems
  • Developing policy solutions in an open and collaborative way

Improving the lives of older people

Our Active Ageing project, 10 Today, bring these goals and tools to life in a practical pilot to improve the lives of older people and tackle one of the great public health challenges the country faces.

  • It gives individuals the tools to be active in their lives
  • It’s been designed by older people, for older people – and will be led by them, too – giving voice
  • It’s social, creating a community of participants, leaders, and collaborators
  • We’re harnessing the power of technology for social impact
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Our Partners

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England’s largest not for profit provider of housing and care for older people.

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Bradford BCB 106.6FM

Bradford’s Community Radio station, broadcasting distinctive radio programmes, made by and for, the people of Bradford.

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Community & Hospital Broadcasting Network

Community and Hospital Radio in Truro and the surrounding areas, and the Royal Cornwall, West Cornwall and St Michael’s hospitals.

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Training provider, specialising in seated physical activity.

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Sport England and National Lottery

We’re proud to be funded and supported by the National Lottery and Sport England.

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